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03 Sep 2013 | 11:30 AM
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Nike Air Force 1 for sale

As the saying goes, old people leg first old Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Because the human body 2/3 the muscles in the lower body, so the 60 year old people can have young people 70% of the grip and arm strength, but lower body strength is only four. However, we do not have to worry about. Recently, scientists including Israel, the United States of America, found, gentle walking away, has anti-aging effect of magic. Walk in the United States recently Nike Air Force 1 published "! Don't run. "In one book, the author Dr. Stamann pointed out:" walking fitness requirements stride, speed, swinging his arms, hold your head up high." Dr Stamann said: "the reason why we recommend walking instead of Nike Air Force 1 for sale, because walking is safer than jogging Nike Air Force 1 shoes." For very little movement and people over the age of 30, hastily running exercise, knee joints, tendons and other parts easily injured, heart, kidney, liver and other organs or the new supersedes the old. The system has problems will appear obvious oxygen supply shortage. Initially advocated jogging James Fikes, is suffering from cerebral arteriosclerosis, but barely jogging and sudden death.
Last year, a 41 year old Taipei police for weight loss and choose jogging Nike Air Force 1, results of a blood oxygen demand surge, the body does not adapt, unexpectedly died of cerebral hemorrhage caused by. The German sports expert Klaus Bas also pointed out that, ordinary people every step the soles of the feet Nike Air Force 1 shoes, the impact is about 1~2 times of body weight, only jogging around 1/3, the impact is not big, the fitness effect is very good All parts are trained to
Don't walk is a simple lower limb movement.
At present, many studies have confirmed that, regular walking can effectively exercise the body parts:
The mind -- the brain releases endorphins, make the mood cheerful Nike Air Force 1.
Lungs -- increase lung capacity, reduce the smoker's desire for smoking.
Back -- back muscle strength to strengthen, and less damage to the back.
Legs -- walking equivalent strength training on skeletal,Nike Air Force 1 shoes can enhance the ability of bone and muscle strength
Walking can cure
The new discovery of modern sports science provides more attractive spot for walking exercise Nike Air Force 1 for sale
Israeli scientist Dr. Alex Olszynski after 18 months of study pointed out: "insist on walking, men don't have viagra." He found the man in charge of motor nerve and functional erectile nerve are inseparable, four kilometers each day, walking exercise a Wednesday times, on male sexual dysfunction (ED) treatment 67% According to the latest report of "new England Journal of medicine", walking more than three hours a week Nike Air Force 1, 35%~40% can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease
The latest reports the United States "natural" magazine said, people over the age of 60, a Wednesday a day,Nike Air Force 1 shoes each time to walk more than 45 minutes, can prevent senile dementia. Walking more than 7 hours a week, can reduce the incidence of breast cancer in 20%, curative effect of 50% type II diabetes. 1 walk can enhance heart function, make the heart slow but powerful
2 walk can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of vascular rupture
3 walk can enhance muscle strength, strong legs, bones,Nike Air Force 1 for sale and the joints flexible Nike Air Force 1, promote blood circulation and the new supersedes the old.
4 walk can enhance the secretion of digestive gland, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis,Nike Air Force 1 shoes a regular increase appetite, have a good effect on prevention and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation.
5 in the fresh outdoor air walk, the brain thinking activity becomes clear, flexible, can effectively eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency and. According to the expert test, walk three times a week, one hour each time, continuous persist for 4 months, and don't like exercise compared to the people, the former reflected keen, vision and memory are the dominant.
6 walking is a dynamic, static fitness means moving in the static,Nike Air Force 1 for sale can relieve muscle tension Nike Air Force 1. According to expert determination, when irritability, anxiety to mind, at a brisk pace walking about 15 minutes, can relieve the tension, emotional stability.
7 time to walk, can eliminate or reduce blood pressure heart ischemic symptoms. The human spirit is happy, eliminate fatigue, alleviate palpitation.
8 walking can reduce the accumulation of glycerin with three fat and cholesterol in the arterial wall,Nike Air Force 1 shoes can reduce blood sugar into glycerin with three fat chance 9 walking can reduce human abdominal fat accumulation Nike Air Force 1, maintain the beauty of human body 10 walking can reduce the formation of blood clots, and decrease the possibility of myocardial infarction 11 walking can reduce hormone production, excessive adrenaline Nike Air Force 1 for sale, too much adrenaline will cause arterial disease 12 walking can protect environment, eliminate pollution, to a strong body,Nike Air Force 1 enhance the body immunity, reduce the disease, prolong life also has a positive role in promoting.
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